• Hello Carson Families,

    We are committed to getting students to and from school safely and on time every day.  As the days got shorter and the weather got wetter and colder, we saw more and more cars dropping off and fewer students walking.  This increase has prompted the need for several critical reminders:

  • ·       Yield to foot traffic at all times, particularly in marked crosswalks and street intersections.

    ·       Be courteous and compassionate to our surrounding neighbors.  Never park your vehicle in front of a neighbors’ driveway or mailbox and avoid entering private property


  • Remember we will dismiss at 12:26 on March 23rd  and 24th.  Keep up-to-date by following our Emma Carson Elementary Facebook page.

  • Thank you,
    Abigail Chandler, Principal
    Carson Coyotes... Succeed Every Day!